Company’s HSE Policy

Our commitments
We are committed to effective implementation of our HSE policy and to continual improvement in our HSE performance pursuant to 309/2006 Coll. ACT of 23rd May 2006 of the Czech Republic and EU.

Health and Safety
Our great ambition and ultimate goal is to achieve “Zero Harm” to people. At MDACI, we have a fundamental belief that all injuries can be prevented. Each member staff of MDACI is responsibility for the Company’s HSE policy. As such we will consult with our employees and relevant stakeholders in decisions that affect the health and safety aspects of our workplaces, products and services.

We care for the environment. We are committed to the efficient use of resources, preventing pollution, and reducing the environmental impact of our operations and products.

The creation of an incident free environment requires a thorough understanding and acceptance of the following principles:


  • Employee safety and health, in addition to the protection of the environment, is an integral part of our company operation. HSE must not be viewed as a priority that can be shifted, however temporarily, in its order of importance, when other departments bring pressure to bear in an attempt to place more emphasis on another aspect of our business.
  • HSE leadership in the creation of an Incident Free business unit must exist independently of individual personalities or single objectives.
  • The only projects that can be expected to be consistently productive and profitable are those that are free from incidents and the resulting injuries, or from environmental damage. The only acceptable performance rating on all of our projects is Incident Free.
  • All employees must, regardless of their position within the company, accept and wholeheartedly execute their responsibility for HSE.
  • Through proper training, planning and compliance with HSE processes and practices, all accidents can be prevented.

With sufficient planning and foresight, all potential project hazards can be eliminated before an accident can occur.

Our Responsibilities and duties
To meet the Company’s HSE Policy, we shall:


  • Clearly define responsibilities and accountabilities;
  • Set measurable objectives and targets;
  • Use internal and external expertise as required;
  • Regularly monitor and report publicly on our progress;
  • Develop, implement and maintain management standards and systems;
  • Disseminate HSE information to our employees, contractors and visitors to our workplaces;
  • Consult and engage our stakeholders to facilitate shared responsibility for meeting the goals of our HSE Policy;
  • Provide appropriate HSE training to all our employees;
  • Identify, assess and manage our HSE risks;
  • Comply with legal requirements, relevant industry standards, and the intent of this policy


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