Leadership Competencies

Leadership Competencies:

  • Strategic Thinking – Our strategic thinking is defined by our ability to identify critical operational issues and opportunities that impact projects; to identify opportunities to improve systems and procedures; to build commitment to operational goals from staff by communicating individuals and Company performance objectives
    and their link to personal and organizational success.
  • Business Acumen – The Company Business Acumen is shaped by our understanding of the energy industry, the aerospace industry, the water industry, and the manufacturing industry internationally and assessed by the
    identification of issues, trends and potential impacts on the company’s projects and the company’s processes, practices, systems and resources to meet operational goals; applied technical knowledge to solve complex operational problems impacting projects and the department.
  • Results Oriented – Communicate to staff the actions required for the efficient achievement of project results; proactive in identifying opportunities to improve overall departmental performance and client service delivery; proactive in accomplishing assigned goals, able to use resources and expertise to achieve operational and project
  • Client Service Oriented – Proactive in identifying opportunities to improve internal business processes and provide value added client services to support ongoing client relationships, applies and implements the quality standards
    and processes of the organization to ensure excellent client service; able to build strong client relationships and deliver high quality service.
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