Core Values & Business Ethics

Core Values & Business Ethics

Core Values have taken extensive measures to ensure the services and data provided by our company and worldwide partners are of the highest quality and integrity. Our Company’s Core Values are designed to ensure that all business operations comply with applicable industry standards and government regulations.

Quality Management commitment, ethics training and internal and third party audits are an integral part of our Ethics Program.

Business Conduct and Ethics 
Core Laboratories maintains a corporate self-governance and compliance program that is specifically structured to ensure that the Company and its employees operate at the highest level of ethical conduct and behavior.

Key elements of our Ethics Program and due diligence are as follows:

  • Company-wide Ethics Program and Business Conduct and Ethics;
  • Full time Compliance Officer;
  • Full-time (24/7) Helpline to the Compliance Officer available for reporting any suspected wrongdoing or for obtaining answers on ethical, technical or other questions;
  • Annual training and certification of compliance with the Company’s Business Conduct and Ethics;
  • Enforcing Company policy against retaliation;
  • Posters at each office with the Company’s Business Conduct and Ethics and Helpline Access Information;
  • Zero tolerance on unethical conduct, including resulting termination for any such occurrences;
  • Completion of a Reportable Transaction and Conflicts of Interest Questionnaire on a bi-annual basis; and
  • Employee review of the Law Department's Anti-Bribery and Export Control Presentations on an annual basis.

Staff Training and Development 
MDACI is committed to the current and future development of employee skills, expertise and ability in support of its business strategies, operational plans, and career development.

Throughout its existence, MDACI has built its reputation on the principles of integrity and ethical conduct in the support of its clients. Our continuing primary goal is to operate in a manner consistent with these principles. The integrity of our company and ability to provide quality products and services to our customers are the essence of our business, which is built through:

  • Corporate Culture;
  • Conveying Company Values;
  • Creating an Ethical Workplace;
  • Fair Treatment;
  • Acting with Integrity; and
  • Dealing with Unethical Business Values.

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