Question when Buying a Franchise

This is a set of potential questions to ask when buying a franchise business to get a clear road map about what you real want to do and achieve.


What was your reason for choosing this franchise?

And what USP’s does it have over its’ competitors?


Were you happy with the support you got

at the launch of your franchise? What support did you receive?

Have any problems occurred for you?

If so, how did the franchisor deal with the problems? Overall is the franchisor supportive and available if you need advice?

How does the franchisor manage change in the business?

How do they implement change? Is sufficient training and support given?

Does the franchisor visit you often?

Is the operations manual and other supporting support documents well written, comprehensive and easy to follow?

Does the franchisor welcome feedback

and ideas from franchisees? Have any ideas been implemented? Do franchisees have any say in the running of the business?

How does the franchisor market the business?

What marketing do you specifically receive? Is it sufficient?

What are you sales figures like

in comparison to the company as a whole? What is the company’s weekly, monthly and annual sales figure typically like?

Are your ongoing fees reasonable?

Is what you receive in return sufficient?

How much did you pay for the business?

How much working capital did you require? Have you had a return on your money yet? If not, when do you forecast you will?

Are you allowed to buy multiple territories

once you have built up your first franchise?

If you were taken ill and couldn’t work, what help would the franchisor provide?


What changes have you seen in the business

since you have been there? Have these been positive changes?

If you could change anything about the business,

what would it be?


Would you do it all over again

if you had the opportunity?



The answers of the aforementioned question will help you to build a clear picture of the franchise you want to buy before you decide either you want to continue with applying for you chosen franchise opportunity or to look elsewhere.

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