Engr. Kamil Kadlec was graduated from the Czech Technical University of Liberec in 2003. As a Student, he was already temporarily employed in the Joint Stock Companies such as MERITOR Liberec, a.s. (2001-2002), FRIGERA METAL, a. s., Kolín (1998-1999), SOU strojírenské Tatra, Kolín (1991-1993). He has multiple trainings in distinguished and popular manufacturing company such as TATRA (1993), Agentura Motiv P (2006), Remax Akademie (2009). He graduated as Mechanical Engineer in Technology Machining and Installation. He has a strong knowledge and experience in quality system management (ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16 949:2002).


He was full time employed by the joint Stock Company CONSTRUCT A & D, a.s. , Velké Meziříčí, as a general Manager of the R&D Department (2003-2005), and then in 2009-2010, he was appointed as the Company Technical Director and member of the Board of Director.


He is actually designated to be responsible for overall management, administration, corporate planning, business development and ensuring the compliances of law, rules and regulations and for good governance of the Division of Special Turnkey Projects and procurements. He is also responsible for supervision of all technical, financial aspects of the Projects.