Engr. Petr Basik earned his Electromechanical Engineering degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Czech Technical University of Prague. He is an Electrical Power Engineer with over 30 years professional experience in Automatic Control Systems, and Power in Czech Republic, in Central Europe.


He has a long-time experience in Engineering Design, Power Engineering, Engineering Research & Development, Technical Diagnostics of Engines and Power Plants as well as the operation, maintenance and management of Gas Plants, Refineries, Chemical Processing Plants, and Automatic Control Systems for Process Plants and Engineering Project Management for Energy Projects. He has led and managed power project engineers in several Energy-based EPC projects in Czech Republic.


He is currently the Chairman and General Director for Aura, a.s. He has worked for several leading organizations in Czech Republic such as ZVT, ZVVT and Aura, a.s.


He actually the Member of the Board of Directors of MDA CAPITAL INVEST, a.s., and he is responsible for the Division of Power Supply and Generation.