Engr. Radek Kadlec studied at the University of Economics and Management, Praha, Czech Republic, where he earned an Engineering Economics degree (2008-2011). He also studied the Brno International Business School - The Nottingham Trent University (MBA) (2010-present time), Newton College (Bc.) (2004-2007), and the Open University Business School (Dipl. Mgmt) (1999-2003). He attended trainings and courses on personal development, management, business development, marketing skills, coaching, acilitation, industrial engineering, production planning, testing and quality control.


He started his career in the manufacturing industries such as CKD Kutna Hora, a.s. (1989-1994) as steel machining and modeling technician, and TONA Pecky, a.s. (1994-1996) as Deputy Sales Manager. Then he joined the Joint Stock Company FRIGERA, a.s. as Quality Control Manager before being appointed as a member of the Board of Directors: FRIGERA, a.s., (2002-2003), FRIGERA METAL, a.s. (2004), GYNERA CARE, a.s. (2009). He later was appointed the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Director of FRIGERA METAL, a.s. (2004-2007) and FRIGERA 21, a.s. (2006-2007), before being nominated as the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director. He possess initiative and drive, and has broad relevant technical knowledge with good management expertise.


He is presently in full time responsible for the Division of Infrastructure and the Division of Technology of MDA CAPITAL INVEST, a.s. He provides leadership and management to the Technology Infrastructure Departments in its charge to provide equipment, technologies, follow and support and training services that meet the Clients. He is also responsible for all aspects of technical acquisitions and development of guidelines, standards and procedures.