Power System Services

Power System Services

MDACI and its electricity Technical Partners Membership (ETPM) provide Power System Services (PSS), ensuring the required quality, reliability and sustainability of electricity generation and supply. MDACI is always committed in complying with local Regulations (frequency and voltage parameters as specified in the Grid Code) established by the Electricity Regulatory Company. MDACI’s Electricity Supply Reliability (PER) is defined as the stability of Electricity Supply at delivery point, which is determined by the average number and duration of supply interruptions at individual connection points.


Basically, MDACI’s Power System Services consist of the followings:

  •  Electricity Quality Maintenance;
  •  Real Time Electricity Balance Maintenance;
  • Dispatch Control; and
  • Power Supply Restoration  


The Cost of Power System Services (CPSS) is one of the components used in the assessment of the Total Price (TP) of electricity paid by all consumers connected to the power system (National Grid). Generally the Multi Year Tariff Order (MYTO) for PSS is a regulated price published by the Electricity Regulatory Agency for each calendar year.

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