Agricultural Maintenance training

In this course you will be involved in planting, cultivating and maintaining trees and shrubs grown for amenity purposes. There are three main kinds of worker: planter, climber or tree surgeon, and ground staff. Some jobs combine all three of these.

Climbers work at heights of up to 36 metres, pruning diseased trees or removing branches that are potentially hazardous. They learn about safety regulations and clothing and using of ropes and various items of rigging equipment.

Ground staff ensure the safety of pedestrians in the vicinity, clear sites of debris, and assist climbers by passing them tools and re-fuelling chainsaws. They also need climbing skills to assist the climber if necessary.

Planters prepare the ground for tree planting, plant young trees, and apply pesticides and fertilisers.

Arboricultural workers use a range of equipment, including hand tools for planting and cutting, and power tools such as chainsaws, hedge cutters and strimmers. They are responsible for the maintenance of their equipment.

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