Aircraft Operation training

This course provides students with an understanding of airline and military aircraft operations, covering concepts like market requirements, infrastructure, cost modelling, yield management (airlines) and dispatch. In addition, the aim is to provide a comprehensive introduction to low-speed and high-speed integrated operational performance analysis when it pertains to contemporary fixed-wing aerospace vehicles.

1. Nature of the airline industry and military operations
2. Pricing, fare structures and yield management, and, traffic forecasts for airline operations
3. Safety, Noise and Emissions
4. Introduction to aeronautics and performance
5. Introduction to low-speed integrated performance of aircraft
6. Introduction to high-speed integrated performance of aircraft
7. Identification of optimal flight techniques using cost index theory for airline operations
8. Flight planning and dispatch
9. Fuel conservation
10. A review of future aircraft operations and performance

• Internationally recognized
• No second language, previous teaching or computer experience necessary
• Practical teaching with English language learners at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels
• Internationally experienced and certified teachers
• Current methods and approaches, including Communicative and Lexical Approaches
• Expert job placement assistance for your own country and overseas (lifetime)
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