Airport Management training

Airport managers have the challenging job of ensuring safe, efficient operation in a complex and growing business. This course uses intensive training and exercises to help you identify your airport’s business challenges and address them at the individual, team and unit levels. Learn key strategic management tools that will help you keep your operations in line with your strategy and deliver sustainable results.

The lessons and exercises in this course will develop your skills to:
• Formulate airport performance objectives and plan the activities used to achieve them
• Manage your staff, resources, facilities and technology with a focus on attaining strategic goals
• Align your marketing, financial management, and customer service activities to your strategic goals
• Ensure sustainable quality and compliance across an airport’s business and operations, using quality as a key driver for change
• Conduct ongoing evaluation and benchmarking exercises to measure the success of your strategic activities
• Oversee expansion, funding and investor relations with a long-term focus

  1. Strategic management tools
    • Quality management and benchmarking
    • Performance measurement: balanced scorecard
    • Organizational structure and strategic goals
    • Master planning
  2. Business management
    • Financial management
    • Management models and outsourcing
    • Managing risks and changes in air transport industry
    • Talent management
    • Information technology
  3. Marketing management
    • Airport marketing principles
    • Business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) relations
    • Pricing strategies
    • Positioning
  4. Airport business background
    • Airports within air transport system
    • The airport business environment
    • Airport economics and business concepts
• Internationally recognized
• No second language, previous teaching or computer experience necessary
• Practical teaching with English language learners at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels
• Internationally experienced and certified teachers
• Current methods and approaches, including Communicative and Lexical Approaches
• Expert job placement assistance for your own country and overseas (lifetime)
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