Calligraphy training

In this course you will study about and learn how to use the simple Speedball Sans Serif B-point alphabet, as well as Celtic, Gothic, and Italic styles. Some history, decoration, and layout techniques of each style are also covered. Calligraphy is a fine art, like painting, drawing, and sculpture. It teaches self-discipline through practice and an awareness of your daily handwriting. With patience, practice, and persistence, your efforts will be well rewarded. Calligraphy will challenge you to master the basic skills and perfect each stroke. Making seasonal cards, posters, special gifts for family and friends, or visual aids are just a few application ideas.

  1. The History of Calligraphy and the Sans Serif B-point Alphabet
  2. The Celtic Alphabet
  3. The Gothic Alphabet
  4. The Italic Alphabet
  5. Calligraphy Portfolio 1
  6. Decoration and Displaying Your Work
  7. Calligraphy Portfolio 2
• Internationally recognized
• No second language, previous teaching or computer experience necessary
• Practical teaching with English language learners at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels
• Internationally experienced and certified teachers
• Current methods and approaches, including Communicative and Lexical Approaches
• Expert job placement assistance for your own country and overseas (lifetime)

Career opportunities:

• ‪Art Direction ‪
• Calligraphy‬
• Cartoon Illustration
• Logo Design
• Computer Graphics‬ etc.
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