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Control Center

MDACI’s focus on electricity quality management system is based on an integration Control Centre...

MDACI’s focus on electricity quality management system is based on an integration Control Centre (automation solutions) aimed, at all times, at ensuring a reliable and sustainable operation of the power system (power generation, transmission and distribution systems). Within the control centers, there is the dispatch control of the system, which is composed of: a) operational planning, b) real-time control and c) operational evaluation.

The forces driving energy market liberalization and privatization are changing the world of energy supply. Consequently, the business focus of the energy supply has shifted from supply reliability and cost minimization to competitiveness and optimization of earnings, which have become today's dominant factors and will remain so well in the future.

Today, energy supply companies are facing major challenges including competition, customer retention and satisfaction, and shareholder value. They must react quickly and flexibly to new requirements and changing market conditions. But they can only meet these challenges by reengineering and optimizing their existing business processes.

MDACI’s control centers provide advanced solutions in regulated and deregulated markets for:

  • Single energy suppliers;
  • Multiple energy suppliers;
  • Municipalities;
  • Generation companies, transmission providers, system operators, and distribution providers in deregulated energy markets;
  • New participants in the business such as energy traders, balance managers, risk assessors and energy suppliers;
  • Operators of traction power systems for railways;
  • Industrial power consumers


Our understanding of your business processes, based on the gained experience of more than 160 years, enables us to ensure and consolidate your success. Meeting your needs is our business; we offer a comprehensive range of innovative, integrated and modular solutions, advanced technology, fast delivery and open systems. Our spectrum of solutions encompasses a wide spectrum of needs.

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