Crop Husbandry training

You will explore the development of different farming systems in the world. The course is focused on sustainable plant production in a historical perspective. The students visit research projects and farms with different cropping systems.
The presented knowledge enables the students to understand current trends in plant production.

1. Terminology, statistics, organisation of plant production, legal aspects of plant reproduction 

2. Origin of plant production

3. Basic principles in plant production, growth curves, root growth, inter- and intraspecific competition

4. Plant propagation

5. Plants grown on artificial substrates

6. Minimal tillage systems

7. Leguminous crops

8. Catch crops, cover crops

9. Intercropping

10. Transgene crops, crops grown for energy production

11. Crop rotation, arable-ley farming

12. Integrated farming systems

13. Field margins

14. On farm data acquisition of different crops

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