Crop Protection training

As a result of this course, participants will be able to:
▪ Appreciate the hazards of crop protection chemicals, encourage safety consciousness and be aware of legal obligations.
▪ Understand equipment and techniques for applying crop protection materials.
▪ Understand the nature of crop protection chemicals and biological control agents.
▪ Recognise disease symptoms, evaluate disease problems and be able to advise on the choice of appropriate control measures.
▪ Recognise pests and pest damage, foresee and forestall pest problems and choose safe and appropriate control measures.
▪ Recognise weeds and evaluate safe and appropriate control measures.
▪ Discriminate between crop damage directly induced by environmental factors and damage caused by pests and pathogens and evaluate possible methods which may be adopted for prevention or control.
▪ Understand the biology of weeds, pests and diseases.
▪ Understand the principles and concepts of Integrated Crop Management

  1. Safety and legislation.
  2. Biology and identification of pests, weeds and diseases.
  3. Biological, chemical and cultural control of pests, weeds and diseases.
  4. Nutrient deficiency symptoms.
  5. Agronomy of potatoes, cereals, sugar beet, oilseed rape and grass.
  6. Crop rotations and soil management.
  7. Auditing and monitoring.
  8. Energy and waste management.
  9. Positive habitat creation and conservation.
  10. Quality and safety in the food chain.
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