Fruit Production training

After completing this course you will be able to:
• Identify different types of fruit crops, which can be successfully grown in a specific region.
• Explain the nature of the fruit industry in a specific region.
• Determine the cultural requirements for different fruit crops.
• Develop a plan for the establishment of an orchard.
• Formulate appropriate methods for marketing specific fruit crops grown in your locality.
• Develop a calendar for cultural management of a fruit plantation, or orchard.

  1. Introduction to Temperate Fruit Growing
  2. Introduction To Warm Climate Fruit Growing
  3. Establishing an Orchard
  4. General Cultural Practices
  5. Tree Fruits
  6. Vines, Nuts & Berries
  7. Citrus
  8. Cultural Management of a Fruit Plantation or Orchard
  9. Marketing Your Produce
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