Nursery Stock Production training

Managing a production nursery involves more than just propagating and potting up plants. Even the small nursery must be able to not only producer plants, but do it at a pre determined cost, then sustain those plants before and during marketing. The nursery industry currently has a real need for people with skills and knowledge in managing production plant nurseries! This course provides a solid grounding for developing those skills.

This is an example of what you will do in the course:
Investigate existing wholesale nursery operations. 
Conduct tests to determine chemical and physical characteristics of three different potting mixes. 
Design a classified advertisement, to promote a wholesale nursery, in a specified publication. 
Analyse the management structure of an existing production nursery. 
Evaluate the efficiency of propagating and potting up plants

1. Nursery Site Organization
2. Management
3. Nutrition and Pest Management
4. Growing Media
5. Irrigation
6. Modifying Plant Growth
7. Marketing Strategies
8. Selection of Nursery Crops

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