Organic Gardening training

This course is about the principals and practices of organic gardening. It covers both the use of "organic" materials and the use of "organic" cultural practices. The class series is not so much "anti-chemical" as it is "pro" gardening in an environmentally friendly manner.
Content includes an overview of gardening in co-operation with the ecosystem of the home garden, ways to build soil tilth and richness, plant nutrition using organic fertilizers, ways to grow a garden that are naturally resistant to pests and disease, and ways to work with nature in correcting garden problems.

1. Overview of organic gardening
2. Soils, soil organisms and soil amendments
3. Composting and plant nutrition
4. Cultural practices
5. Weeds, weed prevention and weed control
6. Principals of pest control, pests and soil disease, plant and soil pests

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