Public Administration training

This course will provide you with an overview of the field of public administration, particularly the distinctions that set management of public organizations apart from that of private-sector organizations. You will begin with an examination of the history and perception of the role of government in the provision of services. You will then examine the context in which public administrators deliver services to citizens. Public administrators must also possess a basic knowledge of managing organizations and people in order to implement policy—this includes an understanding of organization theory, personnel administration, budgeting, and the administration and evaluation of policies and programs. By the end of this course, you will gain a broader understanding of public organizations, the administration of public programs, and a greater appreciation for public service.

1. Introduction to Public Administration
2. Intergovernmental Relations
3. Public Personnel
4. Public Management
5. Public Budgeting
6. Program Planning and Evaluation
7. Pubic-Service Ethics

• Internationally recognized
• No second language, previous teaching or computer experience necessary
• Practical teaching with English language learners at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels
• Internationally experienced and certified teachers
• Current methods and approaches, including Communicative and Lexical Approaches
• Expert job placement assistance for your own country and overseas (lifetime)
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