Time Management

In this course you gain the personal insight and practical skills to develop and implement a framework for successful time management. You also learn proven tools and techniques to make better day-to-day choices about investing your time and achieving your goals.

1. Essentials of time management
2. Determining your time style
3. Gaining control over your time
4. Incorporating a time-planning process model
5. Determining your primary purposes
6. Assessing your realities
7. Envisioning where you want to be
8. Formulating challenging goals
9. Moving toward your goals
10. Focusing your attention
11. Proactively identifying your priorities
12. Building your schedule
13. Overcoming procrastination
14. Diffusing the impact of others
15. Dealing proactively with information overload
16. Analyzing your progress
17. Changing your time habits for the better

• Internationally recognized
• No second language, previous teaching or computer experience necessary
• Practical teaching with English language learners at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels
• Internationally experienced and certified teachers
• Current methods and approaches, including Communicative and Lexical Approaches
• Expert job placement assistance for your own country and overseas (lifetime)
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