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Training & Education

MDACI offers a wide range of advanced training program to the youth – youth development scheme...

MDACI offers a wide range of advanced training program to the youth – youth development scheme – enabling the youths to gain useful skills with which they can gainfully be self-employed. MDACI cooperates with international organizations, governments, financial institutions, etc. to support employment of the youth after their professional trainings. Our training program is divided into three main components:

  • Training and Enterprise Development Program (TEDP);
  • Workforce Training (WFT);
  • Child Empowerment Program (CEP).


MDACI also organizes trainings to develop the skill of employees in the following institutions: Banking, education (universities, high school, etc.), ministries, etc.


  • Training and Enterprise Development Program (TEDP)

MDACI’s TEDP targets the most vulnerable youth in the world through the implementation of an integrated training approach, which includes technical skills training, entrepreneurship development and life skills.

The main aim of the program is to enhance employability of the youth towards poverty eradication. The program also allows participation of local artisans to become more professional, organized and to improve their working standard and income.


Under this program, we have the following projects:

  • Skills Training, which offers a 12-month through our vocational schools within Europe;
  • Talent Development and Management, which is initiative set to challenge and engage the youth through an innovative approach to boost their opportunities and self-confidence for improved livelihoods.


  • Work Force Training (WFT)


MDACI provides courses covering the following areas: welding, pipefitting, carpentry, sewing, auto mechanics, electrical work, computer technology, hairdressing, masonry, baking, soap making, plumbing and fitting, farming, fishing, professional truck rivers, professional train drivers, professional rail maintenance, professional road maintenance, professional bricklayer, professional tiller, etc.


MDACI will also focus on the eradication of poverty roots, through Child Empowering Program, which consists of providing support orphans and vulnerable children to the education of children (from primary school to university).

  • Child Empowerment Program


This is a non-profitable program, which addresses the plight of vulnerable children in the target slum communities. It works with orphans and vulnerable children, their parents and guardians in raising their living standards. The program works within three thematic areas namely: a) Child rights, b) education, c) orphans and vulnerable children.


NOTE: MDACI make sure that the trained youth will be provided with its own house, own developed and registered enterprise to work and provide required services under export credit. The loan will be reimbursed within a period of 5-10 years maximum. All loans provided by MDACI and its financiers and export guarantors shall be guaranteed by selected local commercial banks.

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