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Transmission Network

Transmission Network

MDACI provides investment in electricity transmission (LV, MV, HV, and EHV) and ancillary environmental benefits..

MDACI’s offer HV, MV, and LV smart grids that are designed to update the worldwide electricity distribution system by adding communications and information technology to the distribution lines that connect homes, businesses and industries. MDACI electricity distribution network are always automated. MDACI always lays emphasis on advanced and efficient quality management for its network on the basis of decreasing operation and maintenance (O&M) cost. Our experts that are involved with planning smart grid implementations always have a hunch that there will be enormous undertakings, unforeseen challenges, inciting them them to be more creative than they anticipated.

The concept is to put more control over electricity usage in the hands of the energy users so that businesses and consumers, armed with real-time usage data, will try to shave kilowatt-hours off their bills. That’s the secret of our management. We make customers enjoy the luxury of our electricity distribution business and services without worrying them to pay their bills and at a due time.

MDACI and its Czech technical partners are “trying to get a more reliable energy system through, for example, outage management systems, rebalancing loads, and getting help with rebalancing through consumers controlling their usage.

Our services include also the provision of real-time or near-real time information, which is needed for consumers to monitor and control their usage, the electric meters must communicate with each other frequently. Each meter in the radiofrequency mesh network has an embedded communications card so it can function as a node, receiving and transmitting not only its own data but data from other meters as well. The network requires numerous access points and relays to collect data and transmit it across a wireless virtual private network back to the utility.

Our solutions include the installation of transponders that are connected to the meter by wires. In other cases, MDACI installs powerful relays on the customer’s premises that connect wirelessly to the meters.

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