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We, at MDACI, believe that the main key of the success of any project is the quality of planning, vision, know-how, business relationship, realisation team, who shall undertake the implementation for existing demand or defined concrete market, which can be transformed into growing income or money. To us a Project must always be first and foremost demonstrated financeable and bankable and satisfactorily accepted by our financiers and institutional lenders. This is the shortest and most secure way of protecting your investment. MDACI is always here to advice you how you can properly invest your money into well planned and well-structured investment assets to sustainably increase its value. 

Being prudent is never a waste of time and with MDACI your money is always well invested!

For the purpose of arranging funding, MDACI/MDACI Consortium undertake the complete bankable development, using its own EU Certified experts and guaranteeing the construction and operation data of the Project under a bankable development satisfactorily acceptable to the financiers.



MDACI is an EU Joint Stock Investment and Export Company, duly registered in Prague, Czech Republic and whose primary business activity is to promote and encourage the business to business actions of Europe (European union, European Economic Area, Switzerland and UK), supporting the business expansion of the European SMEs and its international members through:

    •  International Trade;
    • Export and Import
    • Education and Training (transfer of know-how and skills development),
    • Investment (crowdfunding, export investment, stocks, ETFs, );
    • project development;
    • Innovation;
    • Engineering, Procurement and construction (EPC);
    • EPC Monitoring (energy, power, mining and real estates, etc.);
    • Operations Management;
    • Publishing;
    • Real Estates (residential, commercial and industrial properties);
    • Energy and Mining;
    • Agriculture, Food and Beverages;
    • Healthcare; and
    • Manufacturing.

We, at MDACI, believe that a strong and lasting partnership must be built through the following four principles;
Common Bond i.e. same vision and mission;

    1. Common Bond i.e. same vision and mission;
    2. Two-way value;  
    3. Ongoing communication; and
    4. Relationship management.



    MDACI occasionally partners with organisations and companies wishing to build relationships with a specific business community, either by area or sector. These commissions can be on a consultancy basis or with specific deliverables on a project basis. Examples of organisations, which have commissioned or partnered, Czech Technical University, Investate Miami, Globalty Investment, etc.


    Also known as Business Action Event (BAE), our International Business Networking Event (IBNE) attendance and membership is open to all. Business leaders or their representation meet directly to introduce their products and services, exchanges business cards, close deals, etc. You'll also meet our Financiers and Institutional Lenders directly. Book an event and get your business growth accelerated.


MDACI's primary aim is to increase the trading opportunities for its international members.

MDACI facilitates and encourages the development of close relationships between the members of its business community, where any business can be introduced to another potential supplier or purchaser through our network.

Our business network is effective and borderless, recognising no barriers, whether geographic, sector, size or age, colour or gender.

Every quarter of the year we organise in Prague a big international business event for our members for our network is for adults. We don't insist members attend any event. No pink slips. No speeches and ten-minute presentations, unless the event has a technical focus and is highlighted as such. These international business evens are for the purpose of business action. Exporters, Importers, Sellers and Purchasers meet to exchange business cards, direct mutual presentation of their products, and discuss contracts, etc.

Our business network is diverse. All our events are different. The mix of businesses and personalities is always different. For instance, the Real Estates event is organised for the members (sellers, buyers, facilitators, investors, financiers, Developers and EPC contractors, etc.) in the same business real estate business, made of

Our business network is innovative. We are always thinking of new ways to promote our members and find new opportunities for them.

Our business was established 9 years ago. It is the most established independent business network in the capital and continues to grow and nurture its members.



Please, find a company by clicking below and become its investor. In the case you need help,you can contact us below and tell us about your needs and area you want to invest. We'll provide to you free consultancy service


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