In December 01, 2011, MDACI started business activities in December 01, 2011 as a successor of CYTLUSONE, a.s. (CYTLUSONE), which was established in April 04, 2011 with its headquarters located at, Ovocný trh 572/11, 110 00 Praha 1. CYTLUSONE’s prime business activities are rental of properties, apartments, and commercial spaces (shopping centers and offices areas). In December 01, 2011, Engr. Marcel Dione and partners decide took over CYTLUSONE under the name of MDA CAPITAL INVEST INVEST, a.s. (MDACI), whose business focus is to contribute in the streamline and improvement of CYTLUSONE. MDACI was created for the business activities of manufacturing, trade and services not included in Appendices 1 to 3 of the Trades Licensing Act of the Czech Republic, enhancing the Czech manufacturers and exporters’ business portfolio and programs, which allow more flexible turnkey projects delivery through intensive market research and business development in combination with a broader range of services, including technical and business information and vocational education and training services. In addition, MDACI’s has new focus business services area, which is to support the export of Czech products by helping domestic manufacturers to increase sales and productivity, reduce dependence on the domestic and European markets and stabilize seasonal fluctuations. For these reasons, MDACI partnerships with the Czech Export Bank, a.s (CEB) (financier) and the Export Guarantee and Insurance Corporation, a.s. (EGAP) (export finance and investment guarantor and insurer) and European prime commercial banks to increase the Czech and EU export in Africa, South America, Asia and the Middle East.

MDACI’s main business activities include:


  • a) Energy and power (exploration and mining, development and construction of refineries, gas processing plants, power plants, transmission and distribution systems and networks);
  • b) Infrastructure (Transportation Systems and technologies, ITC, security, housing development and construction, Hospitals, Medical Technologies etc.);
  • c) Agriculture (Agricultural Technologies and products); and
  • d) Vocational Education and Trainings.

During the period of 2011, MDACI focused on business strategies and development around the world. MDACI cooperates also with international energy and power companies (GAZELLE ENERGY LIMITED, CKD ENERGY, a.s., PSG, a.s., ISTROENERGO GROUP, a.s., SKODA PRAHA, a.s. etc.) and foreign commercial and investment banks, and private equity companies for the development of energy and independent power projects in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and South America. During this short time of its creation, MDACI has started the negotiation the turnkey supply Agreement of 1,000MWhpeak thermal power plants (1000MWh Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant) in Ajaokuta (Kogi State, Nigeria) with KNOX J&L ENERGY SOLUTIONS LIMITED. Another turnkey supply of two (2) thermal power plants of 60MWhpeak Coal Power Plant, 60MWhpeak Natural Gas Combined Cycle power plant was under negotiation with ENPOWER UTILITIES LIMITES/XENERGI LIMITED. The Total Cost of these projects is evaluated to be approximately CZK 32 billion.

The plan of the Company for the year 2011 was to take a number of very significant steps for the creation of a common goal among MDACI’s technical and financial consortium towards the newly developed markets, African, Middle East and South American. For this purpose, we have prepared a new export strategy, aiming at the reduction of investment risks through export credit. MDACI endeavor to lay emphasis on a close and very steady cooperation of all entities of each project that may help to find new business opportunities in the aforementioned rapidly developing countries with growing economy and thus reduce the unhealthy dependence on exports to the European Union countries, which currently comprises more than eighty-three percent of the entire volume of Czech exports. One of the main strategic objectives of MDACI in the year 2011 was to establishment of a broad partnership and synergies between the Czech and European Companies and, most importantly, of effective methods of cooperation of government institutions and private businesses for export and investment towards the developing countries. This will enable our different established consortia to take part in large international projects in the role of direct suppliers.

MDACI will also strongly reinforce the cooperation or possible partnership between the European export banks and the commercial banks, which pursuant to the established rules and regulations, can take various forms ranging from setting up of financial consortium for financing of large transactions or projects to bank guarantees for loans to small and medium businesses.

During the meeting held on the 15 December 2011 at the Czech Export Bank, a.s. (CEB) between MDACI’s Board and the authorities of the banks, the Director of the Export Department has declared that the year 2012 will become the year of transformation, where there will be a need for the bank to become an action-oriented and flexible financial institution for a quick and transparent respond to any opportunity anywhere in the world. Based on this statement, MDACI started new business opportunities and markets research and development in the rapidly developing countries for the Czech products.

MDACI is created in order to extend its financial and technical consortium presence abroad with maximum utilization of institutional presence of other governmental agencies of export promotion.

Due the fact that MDACI’s business activities are oriented to effective and transparent market research and development, there is no doubt that our effort to achieve the targeted Company’s goals of the strategic export will not bring fruit immediately. This development will continue to be carried till 2012. The first relatively conspicuous positive changes can be expected in 2012 at the latest.

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