• EFTZ ICT Market

The ICT Market Project of the Enpower Free Trade Zone (EFTZ)


Description of the ICT Market

The ICT Market of the Empower Free Trade Zone (EFTZ) of Enugu is a modern steel construction market provided with One (1) standard retail outlets, One (2) Duty free shopping center, Five (5) Warehouses, One (1) Welcome Center, Three (3) Parking areas for the logistics (trucks), the personnel of the Market, and the visitors, and Streetlights. Workers and their Families will have access to modern residences in a housing estate of 2500 housing units provided with modern and advanced amenities, including One (1) Maternity School of 100 banies, Primary Schools of 1,500 Children, One (1) Vocational Education and Training (VET) School of 1,000 Students, One (1) Clinic, One (1) Hotel for the expats, businessmen and visitors. Other Expat who decide to stay longer, live and do business in Nigeria and within the West African market may also buy their own residence (house, apartment or Penthouse) within the EFTZ. The ICT Market shall be provided with its own embedded water and power plants, securing permanent (24/7) operations of all the businesses and residences within the Zone. It is obvious that without permanent power and water no business can never be successfully operated and managed as it happens very frequently everywhere in Nigeria, including the government offices and buildings. The ICT Market shall be built under EU and International Standards with uninterrupted power supply managed and operated by a highly-trained local personnel. This is one of the main focuses of this investment project.




    Preliminary data for bankable development


    Standard retail stores: 1,400 m2 
    Duty free shopping centere: 960 m2
    Warehouse: 1,200 m2
    Welcome centre: 480 m2


    14 Units of a Capacity of 1MWe/Unit


    Installed capacity per unit: 1 MWe 
    Total Installed Capacity: 14 MWe
    Primary Fuel: Biomass & MSW
    Operator: XENERGI LTD


    15 Units of a Capacity of 1MWe/Unit


    Installed capacity per unit: 1-500 kWe 
    Total Installed Capacity: 1-1.5 MWe
    Technologies: Aleo Solar GmbH
    Operator: XENERGI LTD




ICT Market standards Technical Data and Parameters


Parameters 01
standard retail stores
duty free shopping center
Welcome centre
 Category / Class  IV IV  II  III

 Number of Civil Objects / Properties 

 8 1
 Estimated floor area (m2)  1,400  960  1,200 480
 Estimated Volume (m3)   12,600 5,760  7,200 4,800
 Floors   3  2  2 3 to 4 


Reservation for Office, Store and/or Warehouse

Below you make your reservation to purchase or  rent your business office, retail shop and/or warehouses, using the virtual ICT Market, where your can directly select the store, the floor, and the view of your choice. The reservation is completed with a deposit of 20% of the selling value of the property and 10% of the renting value of the property.

The Contracts are in regulated by the Nigerian Laws, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL)


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