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Enjoying the freedom of the open road on two wheels is an intrinsic piece of modern American mythology. No bike expresses this more than the hand-made, customized machines ARCH Motorcycle Company, which was founded on the idea of redefining the American performance cruiser. International Business Media talked to Gard Hollinger, joint-founder of ARCH Motorcycle Company about where he finds inspiration for his motorcycle designs, having a Hollywood star as a partner and whether he has a favourite bike in the new portfolio. ARCH ownership is an experience, a connection which continues long after delivery. The same obsession and attention to detail expressed in ARCH Motorcycle continues with the connection to our owners.



With ARCH SUPPORT, owners receive a concierge style, one on one relationship to provide service, support or simply answer questions... from anywhere in the world. In partnership with the Michelin Guide, ARCH OWNERS' EVENTS allow us the opportunity to share a passion for riding. Creating community, friendships and memories... bringing together ARCH owners to experience amazing rides, locations and cuisine.

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The ARCH KRGT-1 sets a new benchmark for the performance cruiser category. Powered by an ARCH / S&S 124ci V-Twin and with a distinctive aggressive profile the KRGT-1 is equally at home cruising highways or carving canyon roads. The ARCH KRGT-1 features bespoke Ohlins/ARCH suspension front and rear, coupled with BST carbon wheels which reduce unspring mass. These elements work as part of a chassis architecture developed to deliver incredible feedback and control. An all new ARCH/Bosch ABS system is fitted as standard, working with ISR radial calipers for optimum response and safety. The 124ci S&S V-Twin engine is tuned to deliver high torque on demand with enhanced performance through a unique ARCH downdraft breathing system.



The ARCH 1s is a motorcycle that draws influence from both cruiser and street sport riding to create a motorcycle that defies normal industry categorisation. Featuring the first production single-sided billet aluminum swingarm from ARCH, the1s also debuts new mid-controls to provide a more aggressive riding position and handling. At the heart of the ARCH 1s sits the 124ci, hightorque ARCH/S&S V-twin downdraft fuel injected engine complimented by an ARCH designed exhaust system. The unique styling of the ARCH 1s utilises a carbon fibre fuel cell integrating the air intake and filtration system. Striking use of steel and billet aluminum chassis elements combine with carbon fiber to create unique performance architecture, giving the 1s it's distinctive styling.

ARCH Method 143

ARCH Method 143

The ARCH Method 143 is the ultimate production concept motorcycle. Created to realize an ambition of what could be achieved in motorcycle design, to offer the opportunity for ownership of a motorcycle normally not to be obtained... a concept. A concept led by the design idea of layers and materials, carbon fiber, aluminum and fine leather. Layers that slide under or cover one another, intersect without interrupting the full intention of the master shape or continuity. Founded in an ultra-light carbon fiber mono-cell chassis, providing fuel storage, air filtration and strength, never before used in an American production motorcycle. Each ARCH Method 143 ownership experience mirrors the rare opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind concept motorcycle.




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