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Understanding the growth of your business (export, import trade and/or investment) in the global market

Discover a set of tools and services that will help you access to European grants and funding (EU, EEA and Norway, Switzerland and UK) for your projects, expand and grow you business (export, trade and/or investment) in the international market:

This starter kit includes:

►    Free guides to enhance your knowledge

      • Important key information on cheap and easy, export access to international markets for your export, trade and investment
      • Important key information about European (EU, EEA & Norway, Switzerland, and UK) grants and funding
      • Guides on structural grants and funding
      • Guidelines for European project leaders
      • Project Administration Manual (PAM) and Guides, helping you to develop bankable projects using the Best Available Techniques and highest International Standards.

►    A weekly alert on calls for proposals

      • Receive all the calls for projects published by EU, EEA & Norway, and Switzerland every week in a synthetic format.

    A weekly newsletter on trade, investment and tenders.

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