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MDACI provides advance energy consultancy services, using very sophisticated simulation software developed by our own experts pursuant to the collected and gathered field data. We also provide advises on energy efficiency measures, research emerging technologies, during the development, engineering, procurement, construction, and operations management of your energy projects, which include:

      • Crude oil and natural gas fields exploration and development

      • biomass production;

      • biogas production;

      • Mining (coal, iron ore, limestone, and other metals, etc.) activities;

      • combined heat and power generation and distribution; and

      • production, storage and distribution of refined products.


General Duties and Responsibilities

When providing these services, our divers team of experts (Program Managers, Project Managers, and Technical Leads in the development of program plans and schedules, etc.) lay emphasis on the followings:

      • Create and review models to analyse energy use in buildings in compliance with program guidelines;

      • Document modelling assumptions and results;

      • Perform energy audits and field inspections to verify proper installation of energy measures;

      • Provide analysis of building energy use through post-processing of model outputs and utility billing data;

      • Participate in energy design and propose energy efficient alternatives to design teams;

      • Produce high-quality technical reports suitable for both technical and lay audiences;

      • Build and maintain relationships with raters, architects, developers, financiers, guarantors/insurers, and owners;

      • Facilitate project planning: prioritize tasks, set deadlines and manage deliverables;

      • Analyse schedule information with the project teams and stakeholders on a weekly basis;

      • Generate programme plans & schedules from the earliest stages of program development through program execution

      • Develop solutions to complex problems and support the development and deployment of new techniques and tools;

      • Prepare and coordinate plans and schedules for new and/or existing projects;

      • Analyse effects of projects on engineering, facilities, and construction and determine efficient methods to solve conflicts;

      • Carry out sound technoeconomic development to bankable level;

      • Arrange financial support and guarantee from our institutional lenders


The importance of a bankable development is the make a project financeable, implementable or realizable, and capable of being successfully operated pursuant to an operation manual prepared by the Development and/or the EPC Contractor. Without the bankable development, it is not possible to know to accurately know the technical, economic, financial, environmental and operational data or parameters of a Project. So, the development phase is the most important phase in the implementation or realisation of a project and without it no financial institution or institutional lender or investor will never provide funding. All costs related to a project development are always covered by the Project Owner or Project Company. These costs are included in the reimbursables but only when the project is successfully developed to a bankable level, which is satisfactorily acceptable to institutional lenders for its realisation and operations management. These conditions are not negotiable
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