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As a consortium of EU agricultural technologies and equipment development and manufacturing Companies, MDACI is also primarily involved in the business of providing advanced and innovative consultancy services and solutions to agricultural mechanisation, chemical and biological crop protection, seed treatment and water management as well as for nutrient supply and plant stress. Our main portfolio includes:

      • Agricultural mechanization (sizing your agribusiness to the quantity and quality of agricultural technologies, equipment and tools requirements provided to the best available techniques and high quality management for a sustainable upward economic growth);

      • Precision farming;

      • Improvement of crop health and yield (assisting you in the marketing and distribution in the international market);

      • Herbicides (killing all the unwanted plants and reducing the use of water and nutrients);

      • Fungicides (providing complete eradication of harmful fungi to protect and increase the quality of crops);

      • Insecticides (combating insect pests); and

      • Functional Crops care (biological crop protection, seed treatment, polymer and colorants).

We, at MDACI, put first the business requirements of our clients, identify accurately their needs and supply satisfactory the most advanced and modern technologies, equipment and technical services at low cost for soil preparation, seeding or planting, control of the growth, harvesting and transportation of cereals, fruits, vegetables and animals

MDACI has its own Research & Development (R&D) centres made of the most experienced EU and African experts, who are permanently working to improve the world agriculture to fully mechanized sector. We always endeavour to use the Best Available Techniques (BAT) to meet the international foods quality requirements of the fast growing world population at the lowest possible cost and accessible to everyone.


Research & Development

We understand that Agricultural Technical Systems and Mechanics helps prepare individuals for the agricultural mechanics work environment through the application of problem-solving skills and a basic knowledge of agricultural machinery and equipment repair and maintenance. Therefore, our EU-African Agricultural Innovation Centre (EUAFAIC) is the first of its kind in Africa that is created by the Process Engineer and former Scientist of CERN and the Czech Technical University, Marcel Dione, to face the daunting challenge of the mechanization of the African agriculture, especially when combined with the effects of climate change, resource scarcity and growing African population. EUAAIC is mainly established to facilitate the transfer of know-how, technologies and equipment for the development and modernization of the agricultural mechanization of West African. MDA AGRIMECHATEQ LIMITED was also established in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria (FCT Abuja) to support and promote the programme within the whole African continent.

The pace of agricultural innovation has increased over the last 10 to 15 years, with advances in genomics, software, communications, logistics, and technology. The public sector has traditionally been the driving force behind these advances and represented the lion’s share of agricultural research and development (R&D) expenditures, with global public-sector R&D accounting for 55% of the US$69 billion total in 2011 (the most recent year for which global data are available). But more recently, constrained fiscal policies in many countries have slowed public-sector R&D growth. The private sector R&D has increasingly filled the gap: Private investment in agricultural innovation has resulted in new technologies and production techniques with significant promise to boost productivity .

The R&D program of MDACI’s EU-African Agricultural Innovation Centre consists of the development and innovation of the following agricultural technologies, equipment and tools, and their proper and economic operation and maintenance (O&M):

      • Tractors, trailers, harvesters, cisterns, etc.;

      • Agricultural structures and fencing (construction and maintenance);

      • Plumbing and irrigation systems;

      • Principles behind mechanical, electrical, solar, and wind power;

      • Mechanical farming methods for 12-month a year;

      • Vocational Education & Training (VET) of Farmer in cooperation with the Ministries of the Agricultures of West African states.

Our EU-African Agricultural Innovation centre will also produce the following Products:

      • Agricultural handbooks for West African or tropical region;

      • Interactive DVDs included with the handbooks features learning tools that reinforce and enhance content knowledge and skills;

      • Trimestral Agricultural Magazines, Newspapers and booklets on the West African Agricultural Technical Systems and Mechanics, which shall address the primary knowledge and skills required for success in the mechanization of West African Agriculture, including Power, Structural and Technical (PST) systems;

      • West African Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (AFNR); and

      • Agricultural, Food and Natural Resources Career Cluster Standards, identifying technical knowledge and skills as well as communication, teamwork, and leadership skills that enables individuals to participate in the agricultural mechanics career development event (CDE) – creation of job opportunities for the youth and poverty alleviation.

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