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Our healthcare consultancy services focuses on whole value chain, from technology supply, Innovation, research and development (R&D), product launch to design, engineering, procurement, construction and operations management of medical facilities. We also arrange financial support to companies and organisations, which desire to start a new bankable healthcare business that works, using our 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry. MDACI is your innovative healthcare solutions partner for success.


Medical Products and Services

We provide a wide range of sales and marketing services, including outsourcing and technology offerings to medical equipment and diagnostics firms and to companies specializing in medical supplies, technologies and equipment, distribution and healthcare services. We help you understand your healthcare business needs by successfully building and maintaining high-performing sales and marketing strategies in a challenging healthcare environment.

In this globally fast changing world, our experienced medical products and services professionals is already ready to help you tackle today’s complex and challenging healthcare market conditions such as the growing impact or influence of non-clinical decision makers and organisation, huge competition and pricing pressures of the advanced and modern technologies.



Today, it is generally known that pharmaceutical companies face a limited and very narrow marketing environment due to the distribution structure of the medical products between the consumers (patients), the decision makers (medical doctors or physicians) and the payers (insurance companies and/or patients). To address this, our experts are to here to help you find innovative solutions to this challenging sales and marketing issue by creating promising opportunities, where there is undiscovered and unknown needs. Our strategies include:

      • Successful commercialisation of your products;

      • Increasing the marketing of your existing brands to maximise your total revenue; and

      • Laying emphasis on effective digital sales connecting the consumers, the physicians and all the relevant third parties.


Digital Healthcare

It is obvious that digitalized healthcare has many competitive benefits and advantages, which includes:

      • Significant growth of opportunities;

      • Information will become the centre of the organization, directing how it will operate, act, grow, sustain, minimize risk and cost all while providing better and more efficient patient care.

      • Better use of data;

      • Understanding the medical challenges (For example, reduced physical activity, missed medication or appointments, social isolation, trips and falls at home); and

      • Vital communication role in the patient-doctor relationship.

Whether pharmaceutical company or medical products or services provider or payer, established company or start-up firm, our dedicated experts and professionals are always ready, willing and able to help you digitalised your healthcare business and take advantage of new growth opportunities. Our service offerings include:

      • Complete range of solutions;

      • Business portfolio planning and strategy;

      • Commercialisation;

      • Market vision and strategy;

      • Data processing and analytics; and

      • Technology.

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