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We, at MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT ACTION CAPITAL INVEST (MDACI) always endeavour to provide practical perspectives and innovative solutions to industries, taking into consideration that what works in one industry may not work in another.

Our experienced team of experts made of real-world professionals are always ready to help avoid pitfalls, minimize risk and gain an edge in this fast changing world.


Our Industry consulting offerings include:

  • Automotive;

  • Transportation Systems and Technologies;

  • Retail and Distributions;

  • Hospitality and Services;

  • Consumer Products;

  • Aerospace and Defense;

  • Industrials Products;

  • Financial Services (export, import, investment management and real estate, banking and capital markets, etc.);

  • Healthcare (healthcare providers, healthcare plans, hospitals);

  • Technology; and

  • Media and Telecommunication.

Innovation in the industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 has both expanded the possibilities of digital transformation and increased its importance to the organisation. Industry 4.0 combines and connects digital and physical technologies – artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, additive manufacturing, robotics, cloud computing, and others – to drive more flexible, responsive, and interconnected enterprises capable of making more informed decisions.

This Fourth Industrial Revolution carries with it seemingly limitless opportunity – and seemingly limitless options for technology investments. As organisations seek digital transformation, they should consider multiple questions to help narrow their choices: what, precisely, they hope to transform; where to invest their resources; and which advanced technologies can best serve their strategic needs. Further, digital transformation cannot happen in a vacuum; it does not end simply with implementing new technologies and letting them run. Rather, true digital transformation typically has profound implications for an organization – affecting strategy, talent, business models, and even the way the company is organised as demonstrated by DELOITTE.

Deloitte’s research on how companies are investing in Industry 4.0 to enable digital transformation revealed paradoxes in several areas, including strategy, supply chain, talent, and investment.

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