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The Joint Stock Company, MDA CAPITAL INVEST, a.s. (MDACI) is engaged in the business of developing residential, commercial and industrial properties, including schools, universities, colleges, hospitals, training centres, and other civil objects such as roads, railways, bridges, artificial rivers and lake, etc., using the Best Available Techniques (BATs) and solutions that complies with the international quality standards and established environmental rules and regulations. While developing our real estate projects and carrying out the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), MDICI endeavours to lay emphasis on environmental restoration, stewardship and protection of neglected public lands. We utilize the available local resources to provide long-term environmental benefits for natural areas without neglecting the diverse strengths of different ethnics and cultures to accomplish our common goal of restoring the beauty of the natural landscape. We always focus on design and construction precision, high quality and standards at very fair cost.


Industrial Properties

MDACI with its team of experts and consortium of energy and power generation projects suppliers of more than 150 years experience in designs, construction, refurbishment, upgrading, commissioning, and operations management provide the most advanced solutions from design concept, development, engineering, procurement to EPC of:

      • Electric Power Generation Plant (coal, natural gas, LPG, biogas, biomass and renewable energy, etc.);

      • Electricity Transmission Network (EHV and HV);

      • Electricity Distribution Network (HV, MV, LV);

      • Refineries;

      • Smart Oil & Gas Storage Facilities or Depots;

      • Industrial Warehouses;

      • Manufacturing Halls;

      • Gas Processing Plants;

      • Wastewater Treatment Plants;

      • Food Processing Plants;

      • Automotive Manufacturing and Assembly Plants (air, sea and ground vehicles); and

      • Industrial parks.


Commercial Properties

Our services include the development, engineering, procurement and construction of modern smart commercial properties, which include:

      • Shopping centres;

      • Free Trade zones;

      • Trade fairs;

      • Airport;

      • Sea Ports; and

      • Hotels.


Residential Properties

MDACI is also very active in the development of modern residential properties affordable by anyone. We provide advance solutions architectural, electrical, mechanical, structural designs. Our residential properties portfolio development and construction include includes:

      • High risers;

      • Block of Flats;

      • Bungalow;

      • Semi-detached houses;

      • Detached houses;

      • Terraced Houses;

      • Modern Cottages;

      • Housing Estates; and

      • Smart cities.

MDAICI provides competitive solutions to your needs without sacrificing standard and quality and at your suggested budget. When providing services, MDAICI always endeavours to lay emphasis on the selection of the very latest, most advanced and most economical technologies for each project.

While providing services, we endeavour to meet your proposed budget with our low cost procurement of services, equipment at global level, high quality and standard. We also provide financial assistance, when required to fulfil satisfactorily their needs, even for small or large-scale projects.

Global Project Development and Implementation Support

MDAICI provide strategic financial support during the development (material contribution for the architectural, mechanical, structural and electrical designs and techno-economic studies and preparation of bankable documentation, etc.) implementation of projects at lower acceptable, paying emphasis on quality and standards.

Our turnkey project starts from the engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning. We also provided operations management and client’s operation team training.


Project Development and Funding

      • Project definitional issues and development support;

      • Site selection – strategic for external connections;

      • Date gathering;

      • Forecasting Process;

      • Analysis,

      • Reporting;

      • Documentation (detailed technical designs, techno-economic studies, financial documents, etc.) for different permits and licenses

      • Assistance with project funding up to 85% of the Total Investment Capital or Total Project Cost; and

      • Assistance with carbon asset management (acquisition of carbon credit as part of the equity funding of the project, reselling of the acquired carbon credit and purchase of the credit).


Engineering, Procurement and Construction

      • Complete construction designs;

      • Monitoring,

      • Project Implementation Monitoring and Management;

      • Commissioning; and Delivery to Client;

      • Operations Management;

      • Training of the Client’s Operational Staff; and

      • Follow and Support during schedule and unscheduled maintenances.

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