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MDACI develops for your export a road map that shall also be adjusted based upon its market share expectations for the Africa, American, Asia, Europe and the Oceania. Generally, there are three scenarios for a brand to pursue:

  • Leader: Brand investment and innovation to become No.1 in the category.

  • Player: Brand plans to compete effectively, obtaining a market share of 5-20%.

  • Participant: Niche. Brand objective is incremental shipments with little or no investment.

Calibrate expectations to investments in brand support and management oversight. Everyone wants to be a category leader or player. To achieve this lofty status, MDACI will conduct out on your behalf local market research, innovate, maintain competitive pricing, invest in marketing, and align with a strong sales team just as you do in your home market. Projects fail as certain brands want category leadership but invest only to “niche” levels.

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