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Join the international Education, Training and Career development programs in the world designed for everyone, and mainly for thoses who desires to be part of tomorrow elites of the world. These programs constitute part of MDACI's technical and economic development support program. While innovating new techmologies and selling our goods and services worlwide, we also lay emphasis on promoting the transfer of Know-How and Skills from developed Countries to the Developing Countries. MDACI cooperates with the concerned governments and interested companies to organise the education and requalification of the selected groups of youth or employees for specific courses.



Bachelor Studies

The universities study system is generally divided into three stages: Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral Studies. It requires a three-year study (180 ECTS Credits).



Master Studies

The Master's Degree, second stage of universities study system, lasts three or four semesters (i.e. one and a half or two years of study - 90 or 120 ECTS credits).



Doctoral Studies

The Doctoral Studies, third stage of universities study system, lasts three to five years. You can work while studying without disturbing your usual daily activities.






It is obvious that the type of work experience provided is mainly in the multi-professional sector and will depend upon pre-existing language skills, professional or educational background and type of career of interest.MDACI cooperates with partners and its members and government authorities and agencies in the following destination countries: the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, the European Union, including France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Czechia, and Slovakia, etc.



Academic Upgrading

Find out how you can finish or upgrade your studies with a high school leaving certificate or bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree. The studying never ends.

Adults Language & Literacy

We give full adult literacy supports, employment services, language learning resources, scholarship and grants. We promotes your literacy skills everlastingly.

Continuing Education

We support people around the world in continuing their education and be engaged in lifelong learning to improve their skills, knowledge, experience and lifestyle.

Returning Back to School

If you have a high school diploma and want to return back to school, we are ready to help you prepare for post secondary studies and build the right career.

Education Funding Support

We arrange funding and help adult around the world get the basic education upgrading or second Language (English, French, etc.) for further job qualification.

Search for a Course

Apply for any educations and training courses you wish and we make the arrangement in any of our European Universities. Tell us about your needs and we advice.

Training Courses

Our training courses consist of theoretical and practical parts and are combined with psychological courses (international qualification diploma or Certificate). 

Distance or Online Learning

If you know exactly the specific course you want study, you can apply online, sending to us the most basic information: name, date of birth, nationality, CV, etc.

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Share your opinion with the people who visited our education and training courses to help potential students chose the right course. Many Thanks.

The objectives of the scheme are to enhance employability of recent graduates and people in the labour market by adding professional skills, social skills and language skills, as well as an international dimension to their CV to promote employment and eradicate poverty and immigration. They are millions of employment opportunities developing countries that have not been yet exploited due to the lack of education and sustainable educational systems. The opportunity of living in a foreign culture has proved invaluable in making participants more open-minded and culturally aware. Our mission is to integrate Education, Training and Career Planning in our International Trade and Investment Portfolio for sustainable employment generate and poverty alleviation.

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