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The Millennium Development Action Capital Invest (MDACI) supports and promotes you improve your literacy skills. MDACI's Easy Reading Career Planning Books will help you make the right choice on the most adequate and suitable work for your career. The books deal with career planning, job profiles, language tools, work, and salary, etc., and are designed for adults with a reading capability from grade 1 to level 4. All these tools are provided with key information advises, tips and more based on our 30 years experience in the international job market.

Our Easy Reading Career Planning Books can be used by any person, institutions, companies and organisation. Please, click on the books below and make your order. 

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Our guidance counsellors, career centres, and international education and training centres are located worldwide. MDACI organises local career counselling and training semi annually in each member country.


Career Planning

It is sometime a very critical process, because for some people it takes some steps, which include self-assessment, market research, experimentation, job searching, decision-making, and accepting a job offer. We have designed a complete series of books with short illustrative histories, examples of job profiles and exercises that help you make a very fast decision, while conducting an accurate self-assessment. This being said, we advise you to systematically and carefully take the following short steps in your career planning process:

Step 1: Self-Assessment. In this first step, you are required to a carefully evaluate your lifestyle preferences, individual strengths, passions, work style, and financial needs in order to determine the most suitable work for career. To achieve this, it is important you know the answers to the following two basic questions: who you are as a person with desires, needs and wants and who you want to become tomorrow as professional with a specific field of expertise. The accurate answers to these questions will definitely involve your interests, skills, and personal qualities. Our guidance counsellors, career centres, and local jobs and training programmes centres are also ready, willing, and able to help you with this process through individualised counselling, exercises, and interest online or locally.

Step 2: Career Research. When you are satisfied with what you really decide to do, you can now start your research and offer your skills to national or international employers, depending on where you want work. Off course, this stage requires brainstorming possible job options and investigating them carefully. Generally, every job offer is provided with the job description, duties and responsibilities, qualifications, skills, salaries and benefits, but based, on step 1 above, you should be capable to determine if a particular given career would be a good fit for you.

Please, note that online resources can only help you theoretically with your preliminary data and information collection, which you will need to strengthen with proven facts from our published books and our high school guidance counsellors, university career centres, and local jobs and training programmes centres that will give you the right and most adequate justified and proven stories and tip in the same career of your interest. This will save you time, money and stress. Interviewing these individuals for information and advice about their work is obviously more complicated and the answers you will receive generally may not be as accurate as you can expect. But, with MDACI's Team of Experts, you always get accurately the realities of the field and the recommended preparation for it, including continuing education requirements or graduate study or even post-graduate study we are running.

With MDACI, your not need to go through long processes to waste time and money, and get confused with to much unbalanced information. We integrate the experimental step with step 2 (Career Research step), organising part-time job in the same field of your interest within our consortium of companies around the world. This will give you the opportunity to practically perform some of the functions of the job, evaluate the real conditions of the working environment and observe others work.

Step 3: Decision-Making and Acceptance. During this third stage of your the career planning process, you will make decisions taking into consideration the following issues:

      • Relocation – the job offered to you may be located in another area (region, state government or country) different to permanent residence and you may need to relocate or move in order to secure and start your dream job.
      • Costs – Any relocation involves extra cost you need to deal with. Do not waste time to evaluate these related relocation cost and compare them to the costs of travelling daily to your workplace located to a distance up to 100 km or 200 km, etc. The situation becomes more complicated if you are engaged or married with someone and with or without kids. It is very important you know immediately whether you can afford to do that with a poorly-compensated job you love, or is it better for you to consider an unfulfilling work that provides a higher salary and more lucrative benefits?). This process involves prioritizing and risk-taking. If you have any burden in the evaluation of the pros and cons of the career options you have been researching, then contact us and we will get you the most valuable advices, tools and practical support services at almost no cost.

After you make your decision on your dream job, you will be offered the work and accept employment by signing the employment agreement with you employer. The employment agreement generally defines and specifies the terms and condition of the relationship between an employee and an employer, including working milestones, compensations, benefits and expectations.

For MDACI, Career counselling should not be a luxury that only few people can access. It must be a necessity in the rapidly changing world of work. Hence, it is unreasonable, irrational and unrealistic you aim for decisions based on absolute certainty. Self-awareness, occupational awareness and intuition can all play a part in your decision-making process.
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