• Bachelor Studies

Bachelor Studies

Bachelor’s Degree

The universities study system is generally divided into three stages: The first stage of study is equivalent to three years of full-time study and concludes with the bachelor's diploma.

Successfully completed studies in our European Universities, the European Credits Transfer System (ECTS credits) are awarded. One academic year corresponds to 60 ECTS credits that are generally equivalent to 1500-1800 hours of total workload, irrespective of standard or qualification type. ECTS credits are used to facilitate transfer and progression throughout the Union.

Hence, our bachelor's degree programme within the union worth 180 ECTS credits last six semesters (i.e. three years of full-time study) and is intended to provide a basic academic foundation.

Generally, you undertake a master's degree programme if you have successfully completed the bachelor’s degree.

Depending on the faculty and degree programme, you will be awarded for example one of the following degrees:

      • Bachelor in Arts;

      • Bachelor in Management;

      • Bachelor in Engineering;

      • Bachelor in Business Administration;

      • Bachelor in Science;

      • Bachelor in Applied Science;

      • Bachelor in Law;

      • Bachelor in Medicine;

      • Bachelor in Dental Medicine; and

      • Bachelor in Veterinary Medicine.

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Full-time and Part-time studies

We offer full time and part-time studies. It is possible to study, while working, but it is not allowed to prolong the study excessively. Studies in some of our University are only full-time. For international students, it is more economic to always undertake full-time studies, because it is faster, more efficient and cheaper.


Bachelor’s Degree Programme

Every bachelor’s degree programme is described with all the relevant information such as final qualification, special areas, ECTS credits, study programme structures, special knowledge, continuing possibilities, teaching language and commencement date of studies.

Registered members can chose their own preferred university and faculty or college within a EU member country and non-EU member country as provide below and send their application electronically to us. We will process and get back to you as soon as possible.

Admission requirements

Membership Registration

All students must be registered with MDACI ‘s International Education and Training Programme. You can only take advantage of MDACI’s Services, including Funding Support is you are registered and become an official member of our International and Training Education Programme. The Annual Registration Fee (ARF) is €60.

For your admission application, the following documents are required

      • Curriculum Vitae;

      • Filled-in application form for the selected bachelor course;

      • An attested copy of your higher education level (School Leaving Certificate);

      • Medical Certificate – complete medical check-up (HIV-AIDS, others, etc.);

      • Recommendation Letter; and

      • Criminal record legalized by your own Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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The total yearly fee for Bachelor Studies Programme (BSP) is € 20,000.

This total fee includes:

      • Medical test recertification;

      • Health Insurance;

      • Property Damage Insurance; and

      • Accommodations.

This total fee does not includes:

      • Visa Fee;

      • Air tickets;

      • Working material (Safety equipment, tools, Books, etc.);

      • Breakfast;

      • Lunch;

      • Dinner; and

      • Sports & Recreational Excursion (visits of Museum & Touristic attractions).

In the case you decide to study in the official language of the hosting country, your education fee will be free. For example, if you decide to study in Czech language in the Czech Republic, you will not pay for any academic fee and you may benefit from benefit from one MDAIC’s Education Funding Support Programme: Scholarship/Bursary, Grant, or Loan/Credit for your visa fee, air ticket, breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.

In the you do not speak the official language of the hosting country, then you may pay for the one (1) year language and entrance exams preparation courses for the same fee of € 22,000. This fee includes the followings: visa fee, air tickets, medical test recertification, health insurance, property damage insurance, working materials (books, safety equipment), breakfast, lunch, dinner, and sport and recreational excursion (visits of museum and touristic attractions) for one year.

Our Bachelor Studies Programme (BSP) is combined with practical field training and psychological courses.

MDACI Provide follow-and-support programme to all our graduated students i.e. We will help them get a suitable employment to their profession in their own country or in the international job market. MDACI will work in cooperation with the governments, international organisations, financial institutions and corporate business, including HR companies to create jobs for our graduated students. MDACI will make sure that jobs will be available for graduate students before the end of their studies.



How we can help you pay for your courses

Being a member of MDACI’s Education and Training Programmes (ETP) will give you the advantage of being qualified for our Education Funding Support Programme (EFSP) from the following relevant institutions:

      • Governmental Agencies;

      • International Socio-Economic Development Organisations;

      • Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs); or

      • Institutional Lenders; or

If you cannot get grant, we arrange for you from Governmental Agencies, International Socio-Economic Development Organisations or Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs), then MDACI shall arrangement a credit or loan (cheap students loans) from our Institutional lenders. If you are qualified for any of the above MDAC’s Learning Aid, you have to cover the costs of learning. But, MDACI will assist you organise and plane your leaning programme so that you can satisfactorily meet all your financial and living requirements and costs.

In the case you get a credit from our institutional lenders, then how you pay for your learning shall depend on your financial situation. You may be able to pay for your education on your own if you:

      • plan to keep working to pay for your courses as you take them;

      • can use money you saved to cover these costs; and

      • have a learning account or financial support from your employer.

MDCI will always endeavour to helping you get the best education at the lowest cost possible, providing valued advices and bringing solution to those who cannot afford to pay their learning costs within their budget. For these people, our experts will assist them demonstrate transparently their financial need an eligibility requirement for funding.

Click below for more information on our Education Funding Support Programme (EFSP).

Funding Support

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