• Continuation of Education

Continuing Education

Our Continuing Education Programmes (CEPs) are designed and developed to help people around the world improve their life in very fast changing world. As learning never stops, we are endeavouring the motivate people to become and be dedicated to lifelong learners. Experience has shown that it is only through that people can improve their life style.

It doesn't matter how busy you are or how old you are, but you can always schedule few hours e.g. two hours in daily or weekly activities and dedicate that to reading learning. The more you acquire knowledge and know-how, the more you become more integrated in your community, more respected, and more independent. There is no age limit for learning and going back to school, University or college. With MDACI, you can always get an arrangement to take short-term, part-time learning options. Classes can be taken for fun without stress, or to learn new skills at very affordable cost. Our experts are deployed all around the world to assist you Inform you friends to joint and have fun in a very professional learning environment.


Children Classes

We provide learning options that support classroom learning such as:

      • high school upgrading;
      • study skills and exam preparation;
      • summer school options;
      • summer camps;
      • fun classes to help children try out new hobbies or interests;
      • post-secondary institutions;
      • municipal offices; and


Adults Classes

We organise classes for adults who can also take classes in a wide range of options, such as:

      • preparation for returning back to school after many years o interruption;
      • earning skills certificates to help get a job;
      • exploring a new career;
      • learning new skills; and
      • learning new hobbies.
There is no age limit in continuing your education, because learning never stops. Having this in mind, we are always ready to help you finish you high school education and build a stronger career.

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