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Share your opinion with the people who visit our training and education courses to help them choose the right course. Please, provide as much detail as possible on the course training and education course you had. Thank you very much.

Review Guideline

We thank you very much for writing a review and helping others to make the right decision in choosing the best course for them. Please, note that the review shall be honest and truthful and do not also mention any tutor or other staff name.

Please, try and explain your reasons for being positive or negative in your review.

What to do when you are not sure about what to write?

The easiest way is to start listing what you thought were the pros and cons of your course, college or university.


Basic review tips

When reviewing you should lay emphasis on the following tips:

      • honesty;
      • truthfulness; and
      • useful information.

We would like to remind you that reviews should not contain the following tips:

      • vulgar language or comments;
      • derogatory language or comments;
      • any contact information;
      • webpage or email addresses;
      • any slang or text spea; and
      • specific names of people.


Why review?

The reasons for writing a review are because:

      • Because it is a great way of informing others what it is really like studying a course or what an education or a training centre is really like.
      • Because it is one of the chances for you to tell other people that thinking of doing your course or studying where you studied exactly what it's like before signing up.
      • the training or education course description, the website or the prospectus does not provide to the future students everything Because they would like to know before joining a course.
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