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Export is not an easy task for everyone to handle. Your export expert, MDACI is committed to helping you solve your export  problems related to demanding retailers, overworked distributors, and limited funds for marketing investment that create a tough environment for international development of your business. Our goal is to make life a little easier for exporters.

We have developed a wide range of export solutions that enable all registered members to permanently and efficiently sell and export their products and services in the global market. Our advanced export solutions is provided with direct sales opportunities, which include our international energy, mining and power investment projects. Other projects are the development, engineering, procurement and construction of free trade zones, special economic zones, industrial cluster ect., where our registered members can sell, export and re-export their products and services, while taking advantages on government incentives. At, there are also thousands of international tenders, registered sourcing agents and buyers/importers, which can directly be used by our memders exporters to sell and export their project. 

MDACI has already developed the aforementioned markets, compiling all the strategies and best available techniques (cooperating with local commercial authorities, international organizations, and prime importers) for your business growth. We always assist you with strategies and suggestions to build your brands and increasing your sales in overseas markets, while  developing for you smart tips that add strong values to their business.

We will save you time and money by applying the following ten smart tips for export success:

        1. Good news travels fast and bad news travels slowly; 
        2. If you want to know what’s really going on, spend a day visiting stores;
        3. Pick up the phone and call a friend or business partner versus email;
        4. Be positive. Think, “why not?”;
        5. Results are directly proportionate to your investment: Marketing, People, Focus, Time;
        6. A distributor (or Broker) “respects” what the Brand owner “inspects”;
        7. Shipment numbers rarely lie;
        8. Put it in writing;
        9. If two people agree on the principle of a deal, you can usually work out the financial terms;
        10. There is more in common with industry practices across the globe than differences. Brand owners everywhere desire more shelf presence and retailers demand more discounts. Recognize the differences, but focus on the universal requirement for superior products, marketed at a fair price.



For MDACI, it is obvious that strategic category of export opportunities (SCEO) is “Job One” for export managers. MDACI’s export countries are divided into Three (3) categories: Strategic, Priority, and Opportunistic. This approach filters countries by “size of the prize” and investments required for each category of country. The basic rationale is that a company should allocate different resources to develop a large country like Brazil and Nigeria, compared to a medium size country like Belgium versus the Bahamas, Jordan or Senegal. Too frequently, we see companies handcuff all markets to one export program, with common strategy, pricing, and invest models for all countries. MDACI help you minimize risk using this approach.


Country Category
  Country Profile Investment Required Business Model Examples
Strategic (Focus) Large Country (pop. 50mm +) High GDP High Category BDI Global Retailers High Complexity Significant Investment in Brand support. Market Research Management Visibility Local Office or Distributor or Joint Venture Japan, USA Mexico, China, Germany
Priority (Manage) Mid size Country (pop. 10 mm+) High GDP High Category BDI Mid Complexity Moderate investment in brand support. Managed by Export Manager Distributor Argentina, Australia, Canada, Taiwan/Korea, South Africa, Benelux,Saudi Arabia,
Opportunistic (Profit) Profitable Opportunities. Low GDP Countries Low Complexity Minimal/no investment in brand support Distributor or Direct to Retailer Caribbean Central America Middle East Africa



Category analytics always vary by company. Absolute population is just one factor warranting consideration. Other criteria include size of the category, proximity to your producing plant, as well as per capita spending power. For example, most USA based exporters sell far more to Puerto Rico, an island with 4 million people, than they do to China or Brazil. As a result, some USA brand owners place a strategic focus on the Caribbean Basin countries adjacent to the USA and process only occasional opportunistic shipments to complex countries such as China. Sooner or later this Companies will suffer a production reduction and therefore low income due to market saturation.

MDACI role is to bring you the market close to your producing plant at the cheapest possible cost.



Most companies can dedicate focus on a strategic launch into only one or two "strategic" countries at a time. It's appropriate to create a growth plan aimed at a mix of Strategic, Priority, and Opportunistic countries.

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