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All the members from these six different parts of the world are certified members. Each member of MDACI’s global trading market must go through a selective and very strict due process of their business activities, including their financial (with an acceptable minimum limites) and legal assessments before being accepted in our international trading market. No speculation, uncertainty or fraud is tolerated in this trading market. A detailed presentation of each member (exporter, importer or investor) is provided in each list of each respective business areas as provided below. Members can communicate each other through the administration of MDACI, which is responsible for carrying out the technical, financial, economic and legal assessments of any ongoing deal to ease its successful conclusion in the most efficient and economic ways. Every certified member is automatically qualified for an export, import or investment credit, or any financial support from MDACI Financial Consortium. MDACI will regularly make very attractive financial offers to registered qualified members to growth and expand their businesses.

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