Financial Requirements

Financial Requirements

Advance payment

15% will be paid in cash in favor of Exporter's account with CEB in advance.


Facility amount

85% of the Export Contract Value (ECV) including additionally max. 30% of ECV for financing local costs plus the Insurance Premium (total amount of the insurance premium based on current EGAP indication is 5,19% from the nominal value of the loan amount).


Availability Period

During the Delivery Period, from the date of signature of Export Credit Agreement, subject to fulfillment of all conditions precedent until the Starting Point of the Export Credit to be set up according to the OECD Consensus and to be agreed and set forth in the Export Credit Agreement.



Directly to the account of the Exporter with CEB pro rata on deliveries made and services rendered upon presentation of documents and procedures stipulated in the Export Contract and the Export Credit Agreement.


Interest Rate

Fixed interest rate ClRR + margin in 2,75 - 3,25 % p.a. (For information only: CIRR for EUR is 2,40 % p.a. with repayment period up to 5-8 years, see

The respective margin will be established p.a. on the results of the risk analysis at the moment of the approval of the respective loan agreement.


Interest Payments

Payable semi-annually in arrears; first payment not later than 6 months from the date of the first disbursement and thereafter payable semi-annually.


Arrangement Fee

0,80%, flat, payable flat within 30 days from the execution of the Export Credit Agreement, but not later than the first drawing of the Export Credit.

Commitment Fee

0,70% p.a. paid from the undrawn amount of the Export Credit payable by the Borrower to the Lender semi-annually in arrears.



The tenor for the reimbursement is subject to negotiations with the financier.



The reimbursement is consecutive, semi-annual equal installments or annual. The first installment from the effective date of availability of the Project is subject to negotiations with the financier.



All payments to the Lender under the Export Credit Agreement shall be made free and clear of all taxes and withholding of any nature; gross-up obligation if withholding taxes imposed.


Costs and Expenses

Costs and out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the Lender in relation to the Export Credit Agreement (including, but not limited, to legal fees) shall be borne by the MDACI.


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