Loan Documentation

Loan Documentation

The Loan Agreement shall be concluded in form and substance satisfactory to both CEB and EGAP and contain appropriate clauses for this type of financing, including, but not limited, to the following:


  • Conditions precedent;
  • Procedures for disbursement;
  • Negative pledge;
  • Default of the Borrower, Cross Default;
  • Material adverse change of the Borrower;
  • Waiver of sovereign immunity, if applicable;
  • Standard and specific representations, warranties and covenants;
  • Limitation of Assignability;
  • Fees, Expenses, Increased costs, Indemnities;
  • Gross-up, VAT, Stamp Duty;
  • Legality Confidentiality


Important Note: It is important that all entities participating in the Project must be ware of the followings:


a) Legal council shall be appointed by the lender;
b) The Governing Law shall the law of the lender’s country;
c) The Arbitration shall be in the lender’s country, in the English language

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