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High Selling Value

High Selling Value

List your first prime product for just €10 per year. This fee covers the processing and offsite advertising, and many other services.
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Simple and Robust Selling Tools

Simple & Robust Selling Tools

Our Selling Tools are desgned to help you easily operate, manage and update your global business for sustainable economic growth.
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What we do for you

What we do for you

We are committed to providing all supports (e.g. global business development, tips, etc.), stimulating successfully your growth.
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Accomplishment by Seller

Accomplishment by Seller

Sellers (manufacturers, retailers, etc.) secure their products, post details online to MDACI and warehouse the products at MDACI.
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Accurate Market Search

Accurate Market Research

We have the expertise to perform a wide range of market research services. Whether using our internal resources or the specialized capabilities of our affiliated partners, we are capable of doing targeted, broad-based, directional, or quantitative research studies using all available mediums such as the Internet, email, phone, fax, and direct mail. Actual research methodologies utilized depend on the specific requirements and project objectives. Because of our industry focus, we can design and implement research programs that are relevant and properly focused. Some examples of the types of research we have done include: 

      • Customer Satisfaction Research;
      • Buyer Analysis;
      • Brand/Image Studies;
      • Share and Usage Studies; and
      • Market Segmentation Research.


Independent Market Assessment

Independent Market Assessment

We are able to help clients better assess opportunities based on our thorough understanding of industry segmentation and the associated market dynamics across the entire supply chain. Suppliers, investors, producers, and converters look to us to provide an independent perspective and help assess market opportunities. Our analyses are based on sound research methods and analytical techniques that uncover the key information required. Specific tools used on a given project can include market interviews, price and demand forecasts, statistical analyses, bench research, and the use of in-house data sources. Typical market studies include:

      • Opportunity Screenings and Market Assessments;
      • Segmentation Analyses;
      • Competitive Analyses;
      • Benchmarking Studies; and
      • Price and Demand Forecasts.




Business Optimization

Business Optimization

Business success in any new growth initiative requires the right mix of capabilities, a properly focused organization, and flawless execution to successfully achieve goals. Significant deficiencies relative to competition and market requirements in any one of these areas will ultimately lead to failure. Before embarking on a new growth initiative, management must have an objective view of the business' relative strengths and weaknesses. MDACI has the capabilities to evaluate your business practices and processes relative to the rest of the market, provide an objective assessment of your relative capabilities, and identify your highest margin improvement opportunities. Typical projects include:

      • Business Plan Development;
      • Capability Assessments;
      • Benchmarking Studies;
      • Margin Improvement Initiatives; and
      • Opportunity Identification.


Transaction Advisory

Transaction Advisory

In some cases, a well conceived merger, acquisition, or strategic alliance may offer a company the best overall opportunity for growth. In other cases, the most critical need is to withdraw from non-strategic markets or dispose of non-performing assets. Regardless of the indicated action, we are committed to providing you the outside support needed to identify and assess the different strategic options, quantify the associated risks and opportunities, assess the relative growth potential, and give an independent recommendation. Depending on the specific need, a wide range of expertise will be provided, including market analyses, technical reviews, risk assessments, and valuation estimates. Following is a list of the primary services:

      • Joint-Venture Formation and Analysis;
      • Acquisition Support and Due Diligence Studies;
      • Fatal Flaw Analyses abd Strategic Alliance Targets;
      • Business and Asset Valuations;
      • Capital investment Assessments and Expert Witness Testimony.




  • Outsourced Services

    MDACI enhances its export strategy and the cooperation with its financials and technical partners to better assist its clients' companies.
  • Supply Chain Management

    In low growth markets, the most successful and poperous suppliers are those that a) understand market/customer requirements and needs.
  • Growth Strategy Development

    The identification and implementation of an effective growth plan is one of the most important actions a company can take to ensure its future viability.




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