Becoming an MDACI Member

Becoming an MDACI Member

To become a member of MDACI just follow the following steps: 


  1. Click on the Register link at the top of the page;
  2. Fill out the registration form and submit it. 
Before, registering please do read the terms and conditions of Membership Agreement;
  3. MDACI and financiers will perform a 5-working day due process on your Company, going through your profile. After a successful due process, you will be physically contacted by our administration to finalize to registration and yearly membership fee (YMF). This YMF is different for small, medium and large Companies. You will be provided a verification code delivered via e-mail. Please follow the instructions to activate your membership;
  4. Before you’ll be able to sign in. MDACI will provide you an user name and password, enable to access your area;
  5. To access your area, click on the sign in;
  6. Start your trade activities directly with MDACI; Send your electronic catalogues to or via post to our headquarters in Prague; 
  7. Payment shall be made within a period of ten (10) working days from the effective date confirmation of your full membership, which is concluded by the signature of the Membership Agreement (MA) with MDACI. The contract term is always a minimum of Five (5) years, renewable. The Registration Fee of US$1,000 (for Joint Stock and Public liability Companies) and US$500 (for Limited Liability Companies) is just valid for One (Year); 

NOTE: You will be provided with confidential and protected information and data on your potential products flow out to the markets and on potential business opportunities for your products. In the case of emergency, our experts or officers will visit and discuss issues related to consumer’s complains, products improvement, optimization, etc.


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