What does MDACI do for you?

What does MDACI do for you?

MDACI helps you unlock your international advertising needs for export to larger markets, connects you to the global business community and drive value for your investment. MDACI has already secured an international export market through International Business Associates in Africa, Middle East and South America. These markets are designed and determined for the Companies that are registered with MDACI’s Partner Membership Center. These Companies shall benefit from the MDACI’s developed export market under a 5-year contractual membership. MDACI’s Partner Membership Center focuses principally on cutting cost down development cost to 95% minimum, reducing risks, realization time and fusses for its members. MDACI’s gives always to its members the opportunity to carry out due diligence to every specific project provided to them before making any commitment.

MDACI provides a one-stop shop for Individual Companies, Government Agencies (Ministry of Industry and Trade, Export Organization, etc.) and Industry Bodies seeking to capitalize on business opportunities that exist at international trade fairs and events. We act as a single source provider, eliminating the time consuming task of researching exhibitions and event service providers in foreign markets to ensure that the objectives of our clients are met with minimum fuss and maximum result.


MDACI is connected with experienced partners around the word to provide a turnkey solution at international trade fairs allowing the Company to handle all aspects of participation at such leading events whilst our clients get on well with their business. Our proven approach provides a fully comprehensive event management package, which is focused on your objectives for the event balanced with our input based on knowledge of the event and market place.


NOTE 1: In the MDACI’s international Trade Fairs, all members shall have a permanent stand for the monthly-organized market sales.

NOTE 2: MDACI’s secure a definite regional market for each registered member in order to prevent competition of the same products from different companies in a single market place.

NOTE 3: For a single product, only a number of three (3) Companies can be registered with MDACI, due to a performance capability.

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