Prime Electric Power Systems, Technologies and Equipment


When generating, transporting and distribution electricity, we lay emphasis on the development and protection of the environment to prevent air pollution and global warming. Your health and safety is our primary focus, when providing the most advanced electric power solutions.


  • Solar Power Plant

Solar Power Plants

MDACI, under its Renewable Energy Division, MDA GREEN ENERGY (MDAGE), is also engaged in research, development, and sales of solar PV technologies, equipment and tools. The Company global solar PV business activities also include solar PV project investment and solar PV project implementation from solar PV Bankable and Financeable Project Development, inclluding guaranteed data collection, detailed technical designs, technoeconomic studies, to  Enginering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) and Operations Management and Maintenance. We also undertake the contractual Training of our clients staff or personnel, securing the future operations of the Project. 


Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Certified high quality solar panels of the First Generation Water Based Silicon Cells (monocrystallines & polycrystalline), Second Generation Thin Film Solar Cells and Third Generation Solar Cells.
Solar Storage Batteries

Solar Energy Storage

Want a high performing energy storage battery for residential, commercial and industrial use. Click and get your quote now! Customization available. We' ll help you workout the most efficient energy storage solution.
Solar Kits

Solar Power Kits and Accessories

Click and Buy the best Solar Power Kits (MC4 Solar Extension Cable, 700 Lumens Rechargeable Work Light, Cable Entry Housing, and Solar Panel Bracket Pole Mount, etc.) for your Solar System. 
Solar Mounting System

Solar Mounting Systems

Your strong and world's leading supplier for modern and sophisticated Solar Mounting Systems. We develop and deliver mounting solutions made of Aluminium and steel for your solar farms, flat roofs and pitched roofs.
Solar PV  Investors

Solar Inverters / PV Inverters

Need the best PV Investor? Contact us now. At MDACI, you get the best Solar Inverter that meet all your expectations. it converts efficiently the variable DC output into a utility frequency alternating current AC.
Solar Power Optimisers


We have here the most advanced and progresssive power optimizers, designed to increase the conversion rate and efficiency for DC to DC energy, ensuring that you are getting the most out of your system. 
Solar Monitoring Systems

Solar Monitoring Systems

Monitoring system is a software system, providing the performance, operation and consumption information, and errors of your  salar PV plant. It is important for monitoring the plant operation data accuracy.
Solar Power Batteries

Solar Batteries

Many have problems in chosing the best batteries for their solar system because they don't consider the battery's capacity & power ratings, depth of discharge (DoD), round-trip efficiency, warranty and manufacturer.
Battery Charge Controller

Battery Charge Controllers

Why Charge Controller for your solar system? Because it simply charges safely your solar deep cycle battery at the correct charge rates, and protects the battery from overvoltage, which can reduce the battery performance.
Smart Solar Energy Meters

Smart Solar Energy Meters

Our Smart Meters are designed to optimise their own consumption, record the load curve, have high accurate measurements and fast communication via the Modbus RTU interface, and a dynamic power management.
Solar Panels for Boats

Solar Panels for Boats

We deliver highly efficient solar panels for your boat. We are also ready to provide customised solar panels system designed to fit the aesthetic requirements of your boast without sacrificing its operation efficient.  
Solar Plant Cables

Solar Cables and Connectors

We have a wide range of high quality solar wires/cables of different types (Aluminum, Copper, Solid and Stranded, etc.) required for an efficient transport of your generated solar energy at the lowest loss possible.



  The Renewable Energy programme of  MDA CAPITAL INVEST, A.S. (MDACI) and its International Consortium is led by its Renewable Energy Division, MDA GREEN ENERGY (MDAGE). This programme offer advanced brand solutions and advanced services, including planning, design, bankable development, engineeering, procurment, construction to operation management for your roof-top (commercial, residential and industrial), on-grid and off-grid solar power systems. Our services also include  tenant electricity model, intelligent storage solutions, but also direct marketing as well as residual electricity and cloud solutions. 

Our experienced team combines passion and dedication with a solid experience of more than 25 years in the development, engineering, procurement, constrcution and operation mamangement of solar solar power systems, totalling over 46,500 installed roof-top systems with a total output of over 6,000 MW.


  • Operations Management and Training of your Local Staff

    Our Tean of experts of MDACI Consortium are also happy to take over the entire technical and commercial management of your photovoltaic system under and Operations Management Contract.

    We provide professional and high-performance technical management over the entire service life of your solar system. MDACI Consortium may also be contracted for  the training of your local staff, securing the future operations management of your project.

    Your Project longevity is also one of our main concerns. We ensure that your system has optimal returns through constant monitoring, maintenance and repair, all from one source!

  • Advanced Solutions for a Sustainable Economic Growth

    Are you a (residential, commercial or industrial property) owner,  a (ground, air or sea) vehicle owner who needs a cheap, highly efficient and environmetally friendly power? Then contact us and get advanced solutions that satsfactorily meet you needs. We focus on immediate economic growth.

    Our solutions have the following benefits: lower electricity bills, protection against the rising of energy prices, addtional incomes generation through the feed-in and climate change eradication.

    We offer you an all-round carefree package for your photovoltaic system, including comprehensive insurance for your system.

  • Bankable and Financeable Project Implementation

    We are always ready to carry out the technical, financial, economic and leagal development of your private or commercial photovoltaic system to bankable and financeable level. Based on this, we secure all the necessary certified technologies and equipment (photovoltaic modules, inverters, Solar Batteries, etc.) required for the construction of your solar system, guaranteeing you 24/7 absolute and independence energy supply and at the lowest cost possdible. We are also ready to partnership or arrange an export credit up to 85% of the total investment capital, at fixed interest rate of 5% p.a., reimbursable within a period of 5-10 years from our prime EU and international financiers or institutional lenders.



Below,  you can view all our global Realised Solar Power Projects,including our New Solar Power Projects,  and Investment Solar Power Projects, which are destined for sales as investment Projects to international potential investors. The New Solar Projects consist of projects that are under development or under construction by MDACI Consortium in the global market i.e. in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and the Americas. 

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