X63 PREMIUM-333W (Monocrystalline HE Tec)

X63 PREMIUM-333W (Monocrystalline HE Tec)

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Nominal Power (Wp): 333
Nominal Voltage (V): 33.2
Nominal Current (A): 10.03
Short circuit current (A): 10.54
Open circuit voltage (v): 40.7
System Voltage (V): 1,000
Cell Type: Monocrystalline Si, PERC
Connector Type: MC4
Dimension (mm): 1,716 x 1,023 x 42
Weight (kg): 19.5

Our Aleo X63 Premium 333W - 60-cell solar module (1716x1023x42) with black anodized module frame, 5 busbar PERC technology, 8000 Pa pressure load, PID free, 25 years Aleo manufacturer warranty.

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Producer: Aleo Solar GmbH


Aleo X63 Premium 333W - 60-cell solar module (1716x1023x42) with black anodized module frame, 5 busbar PERC technology, 8000 Pa pressure load, PID free, 25 years Aleo manufacturer warranty.

The X generation of the robust, profitable and first-class manufactured module aleo X63 Premium has a new frame, new fully square cells and optimized electrical connections. With the high-efficiency modules, aleo solar has powerful solar modules up to 333 watts. Thanks to the combination of anti-reflective glass, highly transparent embedding film and special cell connectors, the modules use sunlight particularly efficiently. A further increase in performance is achieved through special cell connectors: The "Light Harvesting String" (LHS), with its structured surface, directs more light onto the solar cells.


High efficiency solar panels

    • Power 333 W
    • Up to 25 years product guarantee
    • 60 high-performance Si PERC cells
    • 10% more powerful than industry average
    • 5% more yields than conventional technologies


Certified Quality

    • 100% tested diodes
    • IEC 61215, IEC 61730 certified
    • Salt fog resistance according to IEC 62716
    • Ammonia resistance according to IEC 61215
    • PID resistance according to IEC 62804

Thanks to the innovative PERC technology with reduced LID behavior, Aleo can guarantee above-average operating results.


Aleo Checks - Strickly higher than the norm

The international standards are not strict enough to simulate the technical lifespan of the Aleo modules. Aleo tests every new material at least twice as often as required by the IEC standards and, if necessary, far more often:

    • +2 x 100% EL tests
    • +3 x IEC climatic chamber test
    • Guarantor: aleo solar GmbH
    • 25-year Aleo product guarantee
    • 25-year Aleo performance guarantee (linear)

We would be happy to make you an offer for an aleo photovoltaic system including an inverter and mounting system.


German Enigneering and Manufacturing

Aleo is recognized as one of the most trustworthy manufacturers of solar panels. All the products are produced in  Germany.




pdf Datasheet - X63 PREMIUM 333 W (EN - 2,500 KB) 
pdf ISO Certificate - ISO 50001:2011 - Aleo Solar (EN - 206 KB)
pdf ISO Certifcate - ISO 14001 - Aleo Solar (EN - 658 KB)
pdf ISO Certificate - OHSAS 18001 - Aleo Solar (EN - 646 KB)
pdf ISO Certificate - ISO 9001 - Aleo Solar (EN - 640 KB)
pdf Environmental Report 2017 - Aleo Solar (EN - 56 KB)
pdf Approved Place of Manufacture (EN - 610 KB)
pdf Salt Mist Cerificate of Conformity (EN - 420 KB)
pdf Sand and Dust Resistance Declaration Certificate (EN - 221 KB)
pdf PID Resistance Certificate - Test methods for the detection of potential-induced degradation (EN - 110 KB)
PDF Certificate LETID - Light and elevated Temperature Induced Degradation (EN - 120 KB)
pdf Cyclic Dynamic Mechanical Load Test (EN - 103 KB)
pdf Snail Trail Certificate (EN - 37 KB)
pdf IEC Certificate - Crystalline Silicon Terrestrial Photovoltaic Modules (EN/DE - 483 KB)
pdf EU Declaration of Conformity (EN/DE - 95 KB)
pdf Guarantee Certificate - Product Quality (EN - 104 KB)



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