SolarEdge P485 Single (MC4) Power Optimizer

SolarEdge P485 Single (MC4) Power Optimizer

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SolarEdge P485 Single (MC4) power optimizer for operation with SolarEdge inverters and short string lengths


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SolarEdge P485 Single (MC4) power optimizer for operation with SolarEdge inverters and short string lengths - for modules with high voltage, with 1-phase systems at least 6 modules per string, with 3-phase systems at least 14 modules per string.



      • Nominal DC input power: 485 W.
      • Absolute maximum input voltage (Voc): 125 Vdc
      • MPPT operating range: 12.5-105 Vdc
      • Maximum continuous input current (Isc): 10.1 Adc
      • Maximum efficiency: 99.5%
      • Weighted efficiency: 98.8%
      • Overvoltage category: II


Output in operation (power optimizer connected to WR in operation)

      • Maximum output current: 15 Adc
      • Maximum output operating voltage: 85 Vdc


Output in standby (power optimizer separated from inverter or inverter off)

      • Safety output voltage per power optimizer: 1 Vdc


Standards Compliance

      • EMC: FCC Part 15 Class B, IEC61000-6-2, IEC61000-6-3
      • Security: IEC-62109-1 (security class II), UL1741
      • Rohs: Yes
      • Fire protection: VDE-AR-E 2100-712: 2013-05


Mechanical specifications

      • Maximum system voltage: 1000 Vdc
      • Plug connector on the module side: MC4
      • Output connector: MC4
      • Length of the output cable: 1.2 m
      • Operating temperature range: -40 - +85 ° C
      • Protection class: IP68
      • Relative humidity: 0 - 100%
      • Dimensions: 129 x 90 x 49.5
      • Weight: 0.845 kg



pdf Datasheet SolarEdge Optimizers P300 to P505 (PDF, 1,900 KB)
pdf TUV Certificate of Quality - Solar Edge (PDF, 316KB)
pdf MDACI Products Warranty (PDF, 1,800 KB)
pdf Certificate of Compliance - SolarEdge (PDF, 534 KB)



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