Sauvignon Blanc Sancerre AOC Sélection Première

Sauvignon Blanc Sancerre AOC Sélection Première

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Alcohol Content: 13%
Volume: 0.75 l
Product Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 30 cm
Product Weight (kg): 1.4 Kg
Sugar Content: Dry
Wine Variety: Sauvignon Blanc
Classification: AOC
Consumption: After 1 year
Decantation: No
Year: 2021
Archiving: 2-5 years
Number per carton: 12
Category, class: 5
Intensity: 5
Country of Origin: France
Wine Area: Val de Loire
Ingredients: Contains Sulphites

It is an extremely dry, full-bodied wine with balanced acidity and a delicate floral and fruity style.

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Producer: Domaine Guy Saget


It is an extremely dry, full-bodied wine with balanced acidity and a delicate floral and fruity style. Concentrated aroma with notes of grapefruit peel, blackberries, peaches and pineapple. Light taste of gooseberry.

With fish such as pike, zander, seafood, poultry in cream sauce, goat and blue cheese.

5 months maturation in stainless steel tanks on fermentation sludge.


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