Tym T264-25HP Sub-Compact Tractor + Bale spike / Loader

Tym T264-25HP Sub-Compact Tractor + Bale spike / Loader

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Engine: TYM KM A1100N2
Power: 25hp
Displacement: 903 cc
Engine Speed: 3,000 rpm
Speed: 12km/hr.
Lifting Capacity: 499 kg
Fuel tank capacity: 26 l
Steering: Hydrostatic
Steering radius: 2,200 mm
Weight: 823 kg

Small Frame with Maximized Lift - TYM T264 HST tractors with an output of 24.5 hp.


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Small Frame with Maximized Lift. TYM T264 HST tractors with an output of 24.5 hp represent an ideal combination of design and function. It is excellent for lawn maintenance, gardening and wherever a smaller and more agile machine is needed for large tasks. TYM T265 is a typical municipal tractor widely used for winter maintenance of roads, sidewalks or football fields. The advantage is the front part of the body, through which it is easy to see the work.

The versatility of TYM tractors is underlined by the tools associated with the Category I hitch. The tractor has a durable construction, 4 x 4 drive and a floor without a central tunnel. A wide range of optional equipment is available, including a heated cab, a three-point front hitch or a floor hitch.

This small-frame tractor help you get more work done very quick. The T265 balances maximized lift capabilities and high maneuverability to be an all-round multi-tasking machine.


 Other Technical Specifications

 Wheelbase (mm) 1,480
 Overall Length (mm) 2,740
 Overall Width (mm) 1,342
 Height (mm) (to roll bar) 2,280
 Minimum groung clearance (mm) 196
 Min. turn radius with brakes (mm) 2,502
 Min. turn radius without brakes (mm) 2,682
 Weight with ROPS (kg) 823
 Weight with cab (kg) 1,088



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